Bellissima or Bruttissima?

Beautiful or the converse > bruttissima (ugly)?

Well in this case beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Yesterday, having ‘survived’ Storm Freya (storm, what storm???), and a lovely family lunch in Southampton, we passed the MSC Bellissima.

Driving in to Southampton, all the streets were gridlocked. It was quicker driving the 32 miles from Bournemouth to Southampton, than do the couple of miles to Ikea (by the town Quay). Thousands of people were converging on the Bellissima, to attend its christening or related star-studded events.

So we gave up on Ikea, skirted round the back of town and arrived at the hotel for lunch with a little time to spare. The Italian waiter we know at the hotel told us Sofia Loren, Andrea Bocelli and his son Matteo Bocelli had been (stayed?) at the hotel but leaving that day. They were all involved in the Bellissima events.

Well do you think the Bellissima lives up to its name? Or the converse?

Mono Monday kindly hosted in March by ‘ApolloFly’

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