The holy grail - just one problem

Feeling fatigued a couple of months ago, and thanks to a Google self diagnosis, a blood test uncovered my Vitamin D levels were pretty low. It takes a few weeks for the prescribed ‘COLECALCIFEROL’ (Vitamin D3) to have a full effect. Fortunately I refound my mojo pretty quickly. Advised to take them during winter months.

It’s an attractive little pill (see my blip - the best macro I could achieve on the iPhone 7). Well it was, until I found the prescribed one is not vegan (produced by the ultraviolet irradiation of 7-dehydrocholesterol extracted from lanolin found in sheep's wool. And also the capsule is made of gelatine). So I shall explore other vegan options for when I restart them next winter.

Local vegan eateries have been publicising their Pancake day offers. May be tempted later on. R coming to stay tomorrow so have some stuff to prepare and Mr B has tennis at 1:30. So will probably go out with him soon.

Update: Extra added of Vegan Pancake with banana, blueberries and maple syrup - scoffed earlier at Boscanova in Boscombe. A plant based feast.

Update: Take a look at this blipsnap today >

Thanks Debb for hosting this month’s Tiny Tuesday - no theme today.

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