Goodbye View

Tomorrow we take off for our Christmas trip to Las Vegas area. We drive down early to my brother Dave's. He, my brother Steve, Arvin and I are supposed to head out of his house at 8 am. Our first stop will be Ashland, OR where we will stay with friends for a couple of days. Then off for a leisurely drive down to Henderson, NV where Dave and Nora have a condo and where the kids live. It will be so great celebrating the holidays with a child in the midst. Looking forward to that.

This is our view this morning. We spent the day packing and getting the house ready for Sue who is house and cat sitting for us. I think we are pretty much ready.

This evening we are going to pick up our friend Eve to take her to a party and then a screening of a movie she is in. It is called "Welcoming Departure." You can see my friend Eve in the list of cast and crew. Then it is home and to bed early so we can get up way before normal to be on the road with Steve by seven. Too early but worth it to be off together on a travel adventure.

I'm not sure how blipping is going to go while I'm gone. And commenting, maybe even less likely. But I'll do my best to keep up.

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