Inspired by some of the Landscape photography I saw over the weekend and Paul Mitchell's work in particular, I went off to a local wood in search of shapes and patterns.  I was amazed by what I found and I spent a very pleasant time with some interesting results.  The sun did appear for a while and cast shadow patterns amongst the branches - delightful.  There is quite a lot of wildlife around but all I saw today were a couple of pheasants surprised by the dog! 

These are typical beech woods and I know there will be a good crop of bluebells in the season.  I'll aim to return here are different times of the day and in contrasting weathers to see how things change.

Also setting up and getting to grips with a small Wacom Intuos pad recommended for its compactness.  It's taken a lot of reading and watching a video or two in order to get it to do more than the basics and set the way I use it.  I am still at a relatively high learning level despite using one for quite a while.  These tablets are not straightforward at first but do make image editing easier and more accurate in the long run. 

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