An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

A tale of two tulips...

 I revisited my vase of tulips today (as I shall keep doing until they are no longer blippable :-) and was immediately drawn to two particular stems (see extra for the second stem.)

Both stems are part of the same bunch and were put into the same vase of water at the same time, yet one looks as fresh as when it was put in the vase almost a week ago, whereas the other one doesn't.  This seems to me to be a good metaphor for life and ageing and raises lots of questions in my mind that I shall enjoy wrestling with when my next bout of insomnia strikes.

On the plus side, these tulips have again done that wonderful they do, which is remind me of the beauty and interest age creates.  Little wonder I love them so much :-)

In other news, Alan and his pal Andrew spent the afternoon in Ikea with David and Jordan buying the usual nonsense essentials.  I stayed at home with Lola and had a very quiet and restful afternoon tackling my 19 point To Do List.  When I upload this blip I will have scored off the sum total of three items.

Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

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