By deanna_pearce

Pink Hyacinth

Cough still troublesome  but think I am getting there.   Tesco this morning and after putting the shopping away out in the garden for a bit - deadheaded the hydrangeas.  KG tidied up some of the leaves that were left and the green bin is full and ready for emptying tomorrow.   Bird feeders all  topped up and I have cut the fallen daffodils and brought hem inside.  KG has gone to his cardiac rehab his afternoon and I was just checking the   Jubilee Hall accounts and I didn't seem to have the latest - fortunately I had printed them out so it was just a case of putting the correct figures in Whew! 
My blip today is of the pink hyacinth which has also been battered with the storms.  I have managed to prop it up and it is looking OK.
Another quite dull day and colder this afternoon

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