Marking Time

By Libra

Green pepper with macro

Grabbed this green pepper before it went into the stir-fry for tonight’s supper.
Afraid it’s not  very “macro” but the best I could do in the circumstances.  Thanks to Debbi   for hosting tdays Tiny Tuesday challenge.
A very busy day with domestic stuff and collecting work from the Tolbooth arts centre exhibition. 
Came out to find I had acquired a £60 parking fine!  I still have my temporary blue badge and I reckoned this exempted me because the next bay, which was for disabled, was already taken. 
This area, top of the town, is a prime tourist spot and the locals have paid a hefty fee for daytime parking. And I was in one of their bays.
Nothing for it but to pay up – its £30 if I do so within 30 days.

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