The second half of life..

By twigs

Mt Cook

Left Lake Pukaki early (ish) in search of the 'ideal' location along the Mount Cook Road to stop and enjoy the morning coffees and I wasn't disappointed to find the perfect spot just a few kilometres along.  With such an outstanding view for breakfast it was no surprise that I stayed a wee while.  Amazed at the almost constant stream of cars, vans, and buses that stopped too.  It's almost like a main highway!

I did, of course, eventually move on. This is such an amazing drive.......Mt Cook disappears for a few bends then, when she re-appears, she seems twice the size. Do this several times and you find yourself parked at her toes, surrounded by her besties Mt Sefton and Mt Tasman and you're suddenly very, very small.

I've booked in for 2 nights here....think tomorrow will be good to do the Hooker Valley walk. 3hours/10kms return but on relatively easy going terrain. Hope my poor feet are up to it.

Fabulous and awe-inspiring though the mighty Mt Cook is, she is to be respected. The monument in the extras Isis been constructed to honour those who have lost their lives to her moods and her changeable nature. For each life there is a small plaque bearing the climber's name, age and date of death on the mountain. I found it a sombre place and found myself getting more than a little miffed at the Nikon-wielding visitors who, clambering all over it, just wanted to find the best position for an 'I was there' picture. Few of them stopped to read.......

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