The second half of life..

By twigs

Beautiful Moon

Whew!  A busy day of work then backwards and forwards between shops.  Feels good to have completed a week with work..........not that I worked for the whole week, Heaven forbid!  

I'm on cat-sitting duties for neighbours who are away enjoying the beautiful south.  I don't seem to be a big hit with Shadow partly, I suspect, because I am now the one administering her hyperthyroid medication which she doesn't like and partly, I suspect, because I am on her property and I hadn't sought her approval!  Hoping to win her over and score a few cuddles from her before ma and pa get home.

Couldn't resist the moon tonight......not full, but definitely bright and clear.  I thought I'd push my gear to get as close as possible and see how detailed the surface was.  400mm lens, 2x converter and Canon 7D (crop sensor) = 400 x 2 x 1.6 which equals 1280mm!!!  I'm very happy.  Check it out large for full details.


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