The second half of life..

By twigs


A few weeks ago I accepted an opportunity to be a photographer at the local Weet-Bix TRYathlon event.  I knew it would be busy but I had no idea just how busy!  The photographers' brief was very specific about settings, which was a bit of an eye-opener in itself.  Still, at least I could be reasonably confident that I could supply what they wanted.   Other photographers (there were about 9 of us in total) had done the event before and knew what to expect.  As a newbie, I was buddied with the Team Leader and we were shooting the finishing chute........1750 kids with a goal of shooting 3 shots of every child.  That was a challenge on it's own, but when they come barrelling at you in groups of 6 or more runners the challenge was multiplied significantly.  Still, I'm very pleased to say that I got through (about 2 hours of almost constant shooting), took what I hope are good images that met most of the brief requirements and survived.  Actually, I rather enjoyed it!  And the added bonus......having our local MP shout us both a coffee between races.  Thanks Nick :) 

The bummer from a blip point of view though is that all the images were taken on 'their' cards which were obviously handed back to the organisers at the end, so this is just a record grabshot really.  I do hope I get some feedback - I'd like to know how many of my images were deemed 'good enough' for their strict standards. I may, however, never know.

Time now for some R'n'R for me :)

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