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By creativelenna

Electric Conversion for Chelsea

A blip of mine from 2015 shares our boat Chelsea's previous build; it had a 10 hp riding lawn mower engine for power -this is a handmade boat :O) Recently, Steve got the idea to switch the gas powered engine to a small electric engine that would be charged via a solar panel on the roof of the boat OR by taking the battery out of the boat and plugging it in, if need be.

On Feb 28th (the date of this blip) Steve was still working on the conversion. I love how happy he looks with his progress . . . It took some thinking to figure this out. As of today, Chelsea's conversion is done. In fact, Steve is out in the boat right now!  It really looks great, newly painted. The lines of the boat are sleeker and it is so quiet with the tiny electric engine! The gas powered engine was pretty loud (think lawn mower) and the noise made it hard to have a conversation. Now we can easily talk while cruising the river with no gas! This is the perfect boat for these quieter, shallow river waters we live on. Plus, people on the shore smile and wave as we go by. It is often referred to as "The African Queen!"  

I will add some "extra" photos. The first one will show the "old" chelsea with the lawn mower engine... #2. is the small electric engine as Steve was changing it ... and #3. is the beautiful boat at the floating dock/ramp that Steve made off of our sea wall to accommodate more boats!!! 

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