creative lenna

By creativelenna

happy for 2190!

It's hard to believe I have hit another milestone. Whoo Hoo!  
Most of you know that 2190 blips = 6 years of blipping everyday . . . 
I haven't accomplished that consistently. Oh well!! I still enjoy blip and the friends I have met here, sharing photos and conversation, when I do participate! I joined blip on December 4, 2010 after being introduced to it by my friend  Frieda Oxenham who lives in Scotland. So I've been here on blipfoto for 8+ years, but with 6 years of blips under my belt! :o) 

The happy photo above shows me (on the right) and my sister on the left. We had a lovely family party at my mom's house when she & her husband visited recently... It was so great to see her in person & spend time together.

My concentration on blip could be better, but I am doing a 365 art project for a second year that captures a lot of my time. If I run out of time in my day, I try to simply let go & relax. I have done a few back blips recently, but think perhaps it is time to simply move forward with current photos! Hope to see you around blip soon - that means ME - as well as YOU! xo lenna

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