creative lenna

By creativelenna

Gap Creek

Steve took me out for a ride in our boat Chelsea on Sunday. Most people call Chelsea "The African Queen"  after the boat in the movie!  ;o) We wandered along on a small branch of the Braden River called Gap Creek. It was so enchanting! 

I had not been on it for a few years even though it is right in our backyard. I was a wee bit worried we would get stuck or something, because the creek is so small, but Steve said, no worries! The tide was high and the creek is an actual "dug out" channel, so we were fine. It was so pretty & very relaxing, just wonderful! Perfect for the new Chelsea conversion Steve did from a gas powered engine to an electric/solar motor. So quiet now . . . . 

I have a few lovely "extra photos" from our trip, plus a photo of our very own "African Queen". You will be seeing more blips from this area as I already told Steve I want to return! 

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