A Trunk No More

This morning we met up with our daughter and youngest granddaughter at Monks Cross (York) for coffee and a mooch around the shops.

Home by 2:30 p.m. then out for a walk with Finlay - he missed out this morning as it was persisting down with rain!

In the woods I saw that a tree that had blown over (many years ago) had finally been ‘dismantled’ and opened up this view of a nice twisty sweep of the little beck. The remains of the stump are on the right about half way up. The trunk has been used as a ‘bridge’ across the beck - and recently a lot of folk have been trespassing on private land on the other side. I guess the landowner has got fed up and arranged the removal. Also added an extra of the beck - taken with a longer exposure to show the flow of the bubbles.

Still awaiting news of mother in law after her hospital admission - but we believe she should be going home this afternoon / evening. Many thanks for all your thoughts.

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