hello again

By admirer


Reflection of sky with clouds in the river Weser near Blankenau.
Huge thanks to Ingeborg for hosting the Abstract Thursday Challenge.
I found the strong wind blowing a bit scary while I cleaned a part of the garden at the side of our house. And when Piet Hein suggested we would drive to Beverungen to the Euronics shop and from there to Wehrden, I felt too tired and I found the stormy weather not nice.
But we went anyway and all went well.
We parked in Blankenau, a little village and walked to the river.
At the other side we could see Meinbrexen, a place where we sometimes go to see the cormorants, geese, and white egrets in and around the gravel pit.
We walked along the river till we reached the railroad bridge and then returned. On our way back I saw a remarkable tree and I show it in the extras.
I can feel the tiredness in my body, tomorrow I intend to relax a bit.

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