If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Red Squirrel.

Another boring Red Squirrel I am afraid.  I knew  I would be out from lunch time until late and I knew I have blipped most things in Kanyl's garden at this time of the year.  We make a point of photographing the squirrels when ever they appear for two major reasons.  The first it allows us to monitor their health and get a very rough idea of the sexes visiting us.  The second,not terribly successful is we are trying to get to know individuals.

Currently one of the individuals gnaws its way into the nuts up to now the nuts have simply been split, seemingly with a single bite.  Perhaps this is a last years youngster not big enough/strong enough or skilled enough to deal with them like this.

This particular individual was more interested in nibbling the black sunflower seeds among the bird food mix than the hazel nuts.  The result was it posed for a long time while I got my shots.

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