A time for everything

By turnx3

Afternoon walk at Rowe Woods

After three days of highs only in the twenties, we actually made it above freezing today - reaching a high of about 37! It was largely overcast, though with some weak sunshine at times, and so we ventured outside this afternoon, going hiking at Rowe Woods. It was such a welcome sight to see some of the areas near the lodge, carpeted with winter aconite and snowdrops - a promise of Spring to come. Along the stream, however, it was still very wintry looking, with plenty of ice still around. We also saw a large group of deer, unfortunately a little far away, so my camera was at full zoom - there must have been ten or twelve of them!
This evening we didn’t have handbells, as both Dan and Debbie were playing for the musical at the Junior High, but we had choir practice as usual, led by Tom, our pianist/organist - he’s also a cellist, playing with several regional orchestras - talented guy!

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