There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Still Winter

It was one of my Freedom Fridays, and my husband and I decided to enjoy the lunch fish fry at Duffy's in Boalsburg. We ran an errand or two in town first, so that after our meal, we could just stop somewhere for a quick hike and then head home, as a bit of snow was expected later in the afternoon.

The errands were completed post haste. The fish fry was delicious and I took plenty of leftovers home. Our quick hike took place at the other end of our local gameland, the Scotia Barrens, not far from the shooting range.

But to get from Boalsburg to Scotia, we meandered the back way home along route 45, which has some gorgeous open farmland type scenes. I took this photo out the window of the car as my husband was driving: oh the simple beauty of a line of winter trees across a snowy landscape.

Pennsylvania status, early March: still winter!

The soundtrack is a favorite winter time melody, and I know I've used it before, but I can't resist: the Staves, with Winter Trees.

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