Dawn's Journal

By DawnP

Garden Helper

As my garden recycling bin had been emptied this week, it was now time to fill it up with the next load of cuttings, so I dug out the secateurs and garden gloves and got going. 

Most of the time most of the time I was regaled - or perhaps moaned at (?) - by bird song. It was very loud, but eventually I tracked to down to one of my resident garden robins.  As I was coming to end of my chore, it started to dig around the cleared earth for grubs and other such delights. At one point it was joined by a second bird, prossibly its partner as it wasn't a young bird, and which it proceeded to feed. Unfortunately. the one and only shot I got of that was out of focus and blurred. 

Still it did pose rather nicely for me on this old dead branch.

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