A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer


Those of a certain age may remember JIT as the Just In Time manufacturing methodology that was flavour of the month in the 70's/80's.

By popular demand, we've had some DellCon T-shirts printed.  They were due to arrive next week which was a bit irritating as it would have been good to wear one at Airecon where I'm off to today.

As it happens, they arrived just in time for me to defer my departure until after 'DHL Duncan' had delivered.

The trip up was somewhat frustrating.  I'm increasingly of the opinion that the UK's transport system is fundamentally broken - or perhaps what's broken is the need for millions to be continually travelling, even way out side normal peak hours.  

While spending time stationary on a motorway is hardly unusual these days, I do like to dream of the 70's when it wasn't ridiculous for Lady Penelope, pursuing The Hood up the M1, advises Parker to wait until there was no-one around before shooting.

Mind you, there were a fair few drivers about I'd have used the Rolls's machine gun on, regardless.

Anyway, arrived safely and found the B&B and walked down to the convention centre.  Played my first play of Coimbra - which was good - but that used up all of the remaining functioning brain cells so I flonked out at the B&B for a prompt start in the morning.

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