Everyday Life

By Julez


Yes - my next-door-but-one neighbour (Round the corner actually!) does have a large, established Buddleia growing out of the shed roof - I guess it's Stamp End's version of a roof garden! It attracts a good few butterflies when in flower.

No- it is not normally at that angle.

And - Yes! It is very windy indeed!

I've not gone far today. It's been nice not to have to! I have had more time this week. Brian went bird-watching on Sunday so we couldn't get over to Jeri's (Booo!) and I had my hospital appointment yesterday so couldn't go to my Folks (No comment!) This meant I had much more time than normal to do all the usual stuff, and a bit more. 

It will remain an unusual week as I'll be working Saturday instead of Friday this week (Probably!) as Katelyn would like a swap. This means I can watch the Rugby, and that makes me happy, despite the fact that the Warriors are playing like three legged donkeys so far this season. I'm not that concerned to be fair - I noticed on one of my Blip "On this day last year" flashbacks I'd made a similar comment, and we ended up champions!

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