By iaint


Another day closer to a no deal disaster Brexit. 

All going to plan for our cousins down south. In the office we did wonder how many of the idiots in Westminster actually understood that voting against no deal will not stop it. 

We decided the number is so big as to be very depressing. Last month we heard our former MP speak of these things. He had 2 years in Westminster from 2015 to 2017. He was surprised by the simple stupidity of many of his opponents and how ill informed many others were. 

It shows.

I was back at Gaelic class tonight after a 3 week enforced break - my holiday plus the tutor's recording studio sessions. As usual it was stimulating and fun, but tough as well. 

The Blip is my daily walk to work. Beautiful but cold today. On the left is Fife College, which I often Blip from another angle.

The church on the right is where I often eat lunch. 

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