BB didn’t play football today.  He was still a bit peaky and we reckoned he needed a rest.  TT took him to church instead!  I was glad not to be on the football run today as the weather was quite grim – sleet, wind and just generally cold.  I had a lazy morning, but started to weigh out the ingredients for baking, only to find we had no milk.  The boys did come home with milk and a few provisions, but I wasn’t able to get near the oven, as TT started to make brunch. 

The weather appeared to improve considerably – there was a blue sky and sunshine, so we decided to go to the supermarket and go for a walk.  As soon as we got in the car the sleet started again – it was not very nice.  We drove to Dunbar, by which time it had eased off.  We managed a walk without getting too wet, though it was freezing.  We then went to the supermarket.

TT cooked, BB practiced his cello and I pottered.  The evening seems to have just disappeared.

These boats were lined up on the harbour at Dunbar.

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