By Teasel


Monday morning and BB required to be organised.  He needed his cello, rugby stuff and a packed lunch.  He was spending the day at an orchestra rehearsal ahead of tonight’s concert.  I left TT to ensure that BB left the house with the right stuff.

Work was busy, a day of catching up, welcoming a new member of staff to the team, and dealing with the ongoing staffing issue.

On top of all that I had BB texting me to say he needed a black shirt for the concert this evening and could I get him one!  I didn’t have much time at lunchtime, but planned to go to one shop and if they didn’t have one he would have to make do with a tee-shirt.  I looked around and couldn’t find one, then I spied one on a sale rale, it was in his size and was three pounds.  I bought it immediately – and was delighted with myself.

I went straight to the concert from work.  I thought it would last about an hour.  In fact it was around two hours and featured a range of groups and orchestras whose members came from schools across East Lothian.  BB played in the String Orchestra.  The concert was excellent.  TT and I were amazed at how much chair moving the female teachers did, to accommodate each orchestra.  I think the male teachers must have been in the bar!

We got home after 10pm, by which time I was starving.  It was a nice way to start the week.
As I was heading to bed, I realised I didn't have a blip, therefore an emergency blip of the programme was required.

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