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Where I live

This morning I went to visit the alpacas at Fallowfield, near Wall Village. While I was photographing them, I took this one shot across the valley towards Humshaugh. It was only when I looked at it closely, I was able to see that our house shows up well.

In the foreground you can see a portion of Hadrian's Wall at Planetrees. This is a small but well preserved section. It is also where the builders decided to construct a narrower wall as they built towards the west. The foundations for a wider wall are there, but not used.

In the middle of the picture you can see a row of terraced houses. They are just up the hill from our house which is the one where you can see 3 upstairs windows (lounge, dining room and kitchen) and the chimney is at the left hand end of the roof.

Just in case you are wondering, the very grand house at the left of the picture is Chesters which is privately owned.

Great light today - unlike yesterday!

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