Good day/ bad day

My thoughts go out to all those affected by the terrible massacre in Christchurch. What a bad day for many.

On a good theme we attended the Hobart School Children’s rally for climate change today. There was a large crowd of all sorts of people. After the kids marched the adults and other supporters (including assorted dogs and babies) marched along the city streets until we met the kids coming around the block. Here are some of the placards that took my eye.

The extra shows some sights in Hobart which is a mix of old and new buildings. Salamanca is the most well known area with lovely old sandstone buildings with trendy eating houses. I had a chicken burger which was so trendy I could almost not eat it. Why can’t food be normal? I am not a foodie and prefer simpler meals.

We are staying at the Seven Mile Beach Caravan Park - haven’t seen the beach yet. Good day driving, only got lost four times (using the car navigation system doesn’t always work...). The first we travelled around the airport to the van park as directed but came to a big no entry sign. Second missed a turn into the car park, third went into a car park the wrong way ( exit only) and lastly took a turn too early and ended up in the city again. Oh well that’s the joys of a new city to navigate.

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