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New project

I like to have something on the go, I usually have a book/craft/ iPad on my lap while the TV is on. This yarn is left over from last year so I am going to do some big squares using the same coloured yarn to save all the ends having to be sewn in. Lazy? Yes.

Our son flies home from Japan tonight. He will be in quarantine for 14 days when he arrives. I wonder how everyone else is getting on in viral hot spots. There are some cases in the next city west of here. We have decided to keep a low profile for awhile and only go out for essentials. We are surrounded by older people ( even older than us) and feel that is the best we can do to help the community. I’m not panicking but I think some people are irresponsible, probably because they haven’t the health education I have had over my career. I hope the public awareness campaigns help.

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