All the Pretty Little Horses

Guess who went back to see the pretty little horses? This girl, that's who! This is the same little filly I introduced you to the other day. I think of her as Little Miss Almost Valentine, as she was born early on the morning after Valentine's Day. She is out of Willy Invite Her, by Red White N Good.

I stood at a different spot on this morning, so I could get a better view of the horses. In the background, you can see our famous Beaver Stadium, aka The House that Joe Built. At this moment, there were no cars going by on Park Avenue.

The little filly was acting very friendly. Her mom was intent on snacks that had been provided, but the little gal came right over to me and attempted to snorfle me. She has a distinctive 3/4-moon marking on her forehead. (From this angle, doesn't it almost resemble a heart?) You can see a closer view of her in the extras.

The soundtrack: Nick Cave & Current 93, with All the Pretty Little Horses.

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