Dirty glasses?

The charming and talented ‘Cassfoto’, who introduced me to blip, and her Mr C came for lunch yesterday. The night before she asked me to send a copy of my blip profile, and I naively asked why. I immediately clicked she would come bearing a gift she had made.

And sure enough not one, but two delightful ‘lens cleaners’, one for me and one for the cook. She must have known I was fetching my new prescription glasses today!

They will be so useful and much admired. Mine has another photo I supplied. Mr B’s is of his tennis shoes (which appeared in an abstract blip last year). In extras is Mr B’s unfaffed lens cleaner.

13:25 now. Was on phone with Apple, after spending ages unable to sync iCloud docs. Luckily after 20mns all sorted and I’m back in business. Off to collect the new glasses now ....

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