The Kids Are All Right

I was in the thick of the Bristol #YouthStrike4Climate March today, and thoroughly proud of the kids. They turned out in their hundreds, in weather that didn't really promise much, and shouted and chanted and marched and bloody well protested for some long overdue climate action.

As a child of the sixties I remember well the confidence with which we marched and protested in the certain knowledge we were going to change the world, and herald in the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Then we all got jobs and mortgages and credit cards.

It felt like those earlier times again today, filled with positive energy and a willingness to face the challenges their parents had ducked. I only hope the 'verse listens to them, and gives them the opportunity to create a world where we share it, and care for it, rather than suck it dry.

The other news, across the other side of the planet, is too hideous and raw for me to say much other than if you were involved or close to someone involved, may the 'verse hold you close this day. /|\

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