Everyday Life

By Julez

Daffs Galore.

The daffodils in our garden tubs have taken one look at this weather and decided "Nope!" There's plenty of foliage, but not a single bud that I can see!

The Arboretum ones, on the other hand...They are putting on a great show! These are the daffodils that were not flowering in the background of my St. Davids' day shot. I'd decided to avoid the Arbo for Blips for a while, as it seemed like I was in there every day. It's over a week since I last Blipped from there though.

I was so shocked and appalled when I turned on the news this morning to learn of the events in New Zealand. It was dismaying when I went to work to hear more comments saying things along the lines of "What goes around comes around; they deserve it," etc. than of people that were appalled at the violence. At times I felt like a lone voice in the Wilderness...I'm really starting to wonder just what the World is coming to...

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