Team Bus

Another early start.  My bus was late, but it turned up and I was in the office by 8am.  I had to sort out a few things and prep for a couple of meetings.  However, I ended up dealing with an issue that HR still haven’t resolved.  By 9am, I had had a very difficult conversation and suggested that the individual should go home.  Fortunately another colleague arrived to assist and I was still able to make the 9.15am train to Glasgow with a colleague.  It wasn’t the best way to start the day.

We had two meetings in Glasgow – both of which were very helpful and allowed us to make very useful contacts.  It was then back on the train to Edinburgh.  The train had seven carriages and my colleague and I, were two of the four people in our carriage – unheard of on the trains I normally get.  I was back in the office for an hour or so before it was time to get my train home.  I overheard a fellow passenger describe the train as something like you might find in Mumbai – we were indeed packed on it like sardines.  I was glad to get off it.

I got home to find a very muddy BB.  I fed him and made the cakes I prepped for on Sunday. 

I took this picture, on my way to work, for BB.

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