By Teasel

Royal Burgh - Hidden Toun

I wanted to run – but didn’t.  I just thought of my poor knee on Tuesday and knew that I shouldn’t run on it again so soon.  I went for a walk instead and then popped into town to meet up with a friend. We had a good blether and put the world to rights, before she dashed off to pick up her youngest.

I popped to the supermarket for a couple of things before going home to sort BB’s lunch and catch up on a few chores.  Later I went out for a wander while I can – just in case self-isolation is around the corner.

BB had Scouts and later TT came home fuming about Covid-19 developments at his work. Even later  I binge watched The Split.

This sign is hidden in amongst trees, but once upon a time it must have been at the side of the road.  The road would have been remodelled and the sign is now hidden amongst the overgrown trees.  In a few weeks it will no longer be visible as the leaves appear on the trees.

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