New Platforms

After yesterday, I didn’t really want to go into work early this morning, but thought I should just in case.  Thankfully there wasn’t a re-run of yesterday and everything seemed fine, or as fine as it can be at the moment.  After a day out of the office, I had quite a bit to catch up with.  I was so engrossed in my work, that I almost forgot to go on my ‘Dealing with Mental Health in the Workplace’ training.  I’m glad that I noticed a few colleagues putting their coats on as if they were heading out – that helped to jog my memory.  It was one of the most useful training sessions I have been on for a long time and is very topical at the moment.  So topical in fact that I used some of my new knowledge in a piece of work I was doing this afternoon.

It’s been a full on week, so I was glad to be able to leave for the week.  I was running late for my train and only just made it, which is just as well as the next train was cancelled.  It was then home to get changed, grab a snack and ferry BB to football.  I met up with S and we went for a walk – the first twenty minutes were in daylight, which was quite a novelty for us.

We had an old friend of TT visiting this evening and by the time I got home they had ordered an Indian takeaway which arrived a couple of minutes after BB and me.  We had a lovely catch up.

Not many blips today.  I took this at lunchtime – an aimless shot, but it does show two new platforms.


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