By HeidiHH


St Patrick Day festivities in Masa plaza (Plaza Mayor). Today has been such a nice day that we decided to join the festivities.

It was 27°C and cloudless. I spent  3 hours on the beach with Rachel. I tried to go swimming but it was too cold. Especially with the scorching sun it felt ice cold.

Then after lunch and doggy walk we thought that it could be nice to walk up to join the Irish and like minded for a drink. We took the Welsh ladies with us and also our Estonian neighbors came there.

Last year this day we also tried to join the party but it was so cold it was impossible. This year total opposite.

Well, today was kind of a freak day. Tomorrow back to wintery weather with 18°C max. After that it's gonna be freezing 16°C max for 3 days with cold northern harsh wind. So I've maximized today so I can survive the following cold week. And back to summery weather? Not in sight for the 2 weeks ahead.

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