By HeidiHH


Salinas de Santa Pola this evening at sunset. Or actually a little after. We didn't quite make it.

Today has been very normal Saturday. Little bit of sewing, little bit of reading in the sun, making lunch, visiting bird ponds of Clot de Galvany, and as an extra evening visit to Santa Pola. Which was extended to visiting the salt lagoons in a hope for a beautiful picture. Once again the flamingos were so far that I did take one picture of them, but it wasn't that pretty. The background was boring as I had to just focus on them to get them to the pictures.

Our lovely next door neighbors put up the metallic sheets on the fence again, which town hall had told them to take out. Well, I don't want to be looking at them every time I'm in the yard, so that's fine. What is not fine is that they dropped 3 of my little pots down. All the dirt everywhere and my poor plants need replanting. And they never said anything. I just found them all over. And the pots were on our side. Some people are just bullies who roll over everyone else. I think these are close to it.

Last night they did the furniture moving around at 10 pm. I wonder what will happen today. Hopefully they'll go to bed early. But Spanish never do you know...

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