Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


Wow. Today has been a topsy turvy day. Nothing went according to plan.

First off, I had a call from G not long after she left. The Volvo was coughing and spluttering and she didn't think it would get her to work, so could I please bring her car around. No problem. Think I was there in fifteen minutes. Rather than swap cars, I drove her to work as I had planned to get the Peugeot serviced today.

So, as I was near the beach on a beautiful, clear day, I drove down to get some pictures. The thunderstorm of yesterday has left us with big waves today. I was trying to capture them, but have decided to go with the Burj Al Arab and what looks like a relatively calm sea! (Don't be fooled).

On with the day, and I came to the local garage for the oil change. The mechanic did a quick check before starting and informed me that there was a leak under the engine, so please go and get that fixed at the garage first. Aagh!

I headed straight to Peugeot, which was remarkably quiet. I was able to drive straight in, and our service advisor was free. He had the car checked and said he would do the repair on the spot - in two hours. I sat and waited, and started to read the courtesy newspaper. The article in my extra has to be shared. I can't believe it!

Back to collect G, and we had shawarmas by sea after ages. Then collected the Volvo which was back to normal. It doesn't like damp mornings.

We almost went to Global Village for the last time this season but decided the Science Fair in Wafi might be worth checking out. It was ok; mainly for young kids and a number of the exhibits weren't working. I'd managed to get appointments for haircuts at short notice, and while we were out, I had a call to say we could go even sooner. That was awesome as it meant we got to have dinner at a decent time!

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