Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


When I was at the market the other day, I bought a bundle of pussy-willow branches and stuck them in several pots of soil to root (hopefully).  I then put the pots close to one of the feeders hoping maybe a bird would perch on them before hopping to the feeder.  Of course, nothing has landed on them - almost wondered if there was a big invisible bird-sign that said "don't land here under any circumstances, but especially when the human is outside with her big lens".  So, imagine my delight when I was in the hide this afternoon and glanced over to see a lovely American Goldfinch perched right at the top of one of the branches.  Snap, snap, snap.  

I believe this is a male, as I can see the beginnings of his black cap starting to show.  In another month he will be the brightest shade of yellow you can even imagine, trimmed in black.  The weird streaky bokeh, if you are wondering, is the weeping cherry tree in the background, about 5 feet behind the pussy willows.  I actually kind of like it.

Today marks the start of my gym-week, so I headed out and did some cardio and weights.  One down, four to go.  I will likely miss tomorrow as I have a lunch date with a friend who is recovering from a very major surgery - I'm bringing lunch to her house, along with a little something I think she'll like.

Phoebe continues to be gimpy but shows signs of improvement.  Last night she slept on the bed with us, rather than in her hiding place.  Today, she really wanted out of the bedroom, so I moved her into the Sanctuary (my work space) where she spent some time basking in the sun on the futon.  I created a little dark place for her to hide out, and she's currently tucked in napping.  Tomorrow is her last day on the anti-inflamatory meds, so hoping that she'll continue to improve.  If not, it will be back to the vet.  In the meantime, she's going to be confined to sick bay either in our bedroom or the Sanctuary.  

Little signs of spring are starting to show up in the gardens.  Several clumps of my tiny miniature iris are blooming and the bee balm is starting to poke its head above the surface.  Even in spite of frigid temps every night, spring won't be denied.   I did a little clean up in my big garden today, until I got too cold.  To be continued tomorrow...

And speaking of tomorrow, don't forget that it is TinyTuesday, so get your macro lenses/filters/etc out and get up close to something!  And tag your entries #tt199.


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