A Fruitful Day

Up very early and off to Steglitz to Dr number 1 . No problems and a private prescription was issued for me to take to UK . This has been so for 3 years since the Danish company producing such ceased doing so in Germany . Pay full price & need an airfare  but have to have the medication  and is a chance to see the Geese . Then way up North to another Dr who issued a prescription which will last me a while no matter what the 29th brings .
The Doctors are not happy with what could happen to many here and I'm lucky in having some first class professionals who are also humans , Anglophiles and nauseated by the House of Hyenas. My blip is of a market where the fruit and freshly pressed juice  was delicious + I had a piece of Rhubarb  Quark cake AND  Dr Feelgood is coming to Berlin ! 
I will survive ..... !       Apologies to real Hyenas .

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