An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Little Crocus...

I was supposed to be meeting Fiona and Janice for our monthly lunch date but Fiona isn't well and I am developing that horrible chest virus again that leaves me coughing and in need of an inhaler, so we have postponed our get together till next Tuesday.

With unexpected spare time on my hands I thought I might get on with some ironing, but energy levels are low and as I keep coughing I thought I had a legitimate excuse to leave it till another day tomorrow.

So instead D brought me some crocuses from the garden and I spent a happy half hour photographing them (more in extras) in the tiny vases LeeAnne gave me on Saturday (thanks again lovely :-)

Also spent a lovely hour planning our route to and from Stornoway in September, working out where I want to stop to take photographs.  If we're going to stop at all the places I want to stop, it's going to take us a week to get there!  :-)))

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