An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Frivolous flower faffery...

I don't know what this chest virus / infection thing is that I get (third time in 12 months.) 

I don't have a cold.  No sneezing, runny eyes, blocked nose or any of the other symptoms that accompany a cold.  It starts with a sore throat, husky voice caused by catarrh around my vocal chords.  Nice! then a gradually increasing dry cough till I feel the need to use a ventolin inhaler (I don't have asthma, but when I first had these symptoms last spring the doctor gave me an inhaler as he said I had inflamed airways.)   

I've been using the ventolin inhaler but felt it was having minimal impact, so I started using a steroid inhaler yesterday morning and again last night and this morning, in conjunction with the ventolin.  It's helping but I think I will speak to my GP again as my mum was diagnosed with asthma in her 50s so I know it's not unheard of.

So today has been another fairly lazy day although I did get my ironing done and managed to avoid giving Joe the window cleaner a fright when he got to our bedroom window (thanks to a text from David who was downstairs, warning me Joe was on his way round to the back of the house just as I was getting dressed!!)

More faffing with my little vases and the crocuses this afternoon.  I suspect these little vases are going be get blipped on a fairly regular basis.

Just has a message from our friends David and Suzanne to let us know their five year old Golden Retriever Finn lost his battle with cancer today.  He was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer on one of his hind legs last August.  He had his leg amputated and astounded everyone with how quickly he adjusted but it was always known the cancer was incurable.

He enjoyed the last few months of his life immensely and lived every minute to the full.  He was such a handsome, gentle boy (see extras) and his family are completely heartbroken, especially their son Jack who had a special bond with Finn.  

Thankfully Finn knew only love, fun and kindness in his short life and went to sleep in his own house being cuddled by the family he adored and who adored him back.  I'm looking at Lola snuggled into David on the sofa and my heart breaks for them.

It's a true saying that a dog will bless you with the happiest days of your life, and one of the worst.

Night night Finn xx

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