Capital adventures

By marchmont

Lang Tengah, Terengganu day 2

There was much discussion about whether or not I could snorkel alone on Lang Tengah, not me, the safety of my stuff. As it worked out we need have worried, the resort was pretty much deserted (season has only started and didn't really get busy till June/July) and as I was the only passenger on the speedboat ferry the boat stayed with and they took me snorkelling to 2 sites. I was met at the jetty of the resort hotel by the manager with child towel and soft drink. Amazing!

The island is small, mainly jungle and with sand like fine flour. As well as snorkellung I sunbathed and Dean in this deserted cove just over the rocks from the main beach, also deserted. It was me and a monitor lizard (who luckily ignored me)

Then a very fast and bouncy 40 minute trip back to Merang. Great day, I am so lucky.

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