Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

More Men at Work in the Woods

This morning the BC hydro guys came to finish hooking up the pole in the back yard…nice "kids"

then …the last pole on the island —1/2 way UP the power line hill (extra.,.it’s the middle pole of 5 above the studio…you can see 2 guys  hooking up the new before the old is down.) Their machines just go everywhere..the blip is the first guy down with a large bag of gravel to fill in the hole after the new pole is put in by the backhoe ((other extra)…I just loved how nonchalant he was driving down a steep slope thru the brush..eating a sandwich!  

We’ve been so lucky this week with all the great weather for working outdoors…Did some more raking etc.  And friends C and P are coming for drinks and snacks (and a look at the logging mess) on the deck soon… supposed to rain tonight....We have to leave tomorrow, .. so good we were here this week. 

3rd Extra: our friends leaving tonight after a great catchup ... campfire in a can on the deck with drinks and goodies.... only a few drops of rain as sun goes down

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