An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Esme and mum...

Took till 3am to fall asleep.  Felt ok, just not tired.  After that I slept uninterrupted till 8.30am and felt much better when I woke up.  Chest not quite so congested.  I think I'm on the mend, which is great as Nikki and Esme were coming for lunch.

Nikki texted me at 11.20am to say they were on their way so I could get the baked potatoes into the Aga (Aga baked potatoes are the best!  Crisp skins and so fluffy inside :-)   They had just come out of Esme's Friday Baby Signing and Spanish class.  Honestly, whatever will they think of next for babies?  How on earth did previous generations develop without baby signing and Spanish class?    

Oh help!  I am beginning to sound just like my mum did when I told her I was taking Alan to baby massage and relaxation class :-))))

We had an absolutely wonderful afternoon.  Esme enjoyed her lunch then played happily while we had ours.  She was full of fun and giggles then for some reason she took exception to Lola, who was being very quiet and just lying under the table.  She cried so hard, which was odd as she's used to dogs and the last time she was here her and Lola were best pals.  Hoping it was just a little blip in their friendship.

Nikki, Esme and I retreated to the living room with tea and cake and had a good catch up.  I got lots of cuddles and giggles from Esme.  She turned six months old on 15th March and blethers non stop with a very clear "dad!"  I also couldn't believe my eyes to see her standing holding on to the coffee table (see extra)  She's a determined wee thing!

Nikki and Esme headed home just before 5pm and we've had a very relaxing Friday evening.  Chinese takeaway for dinner on trays on our knees watching tv. 

I've just finished watching a BBC Top of the Pops tribute to Glam Rock and whilst watching Marc Bolan and T-Rex sing Get it On (1971) it struck me that all the young teenagers in the audience will now be in their late sixties! Looking at them dancing in their mini skirts and flared trousers, their faces shining with youth and the excitement of life to come, it was quite a thought!

In other news, my hairdryer packed up today you can imagine how glamorous I look!  I looked out the receipt thinking it was less than two years old.  Turns out I bought it exactly five years ago!  Yip, time really is flying!!

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