Smoke and mirrors

I slept poorly last night and woke feeling tired amd lethargic. Most of us have felt that way all week.

With a much improved neck and upper back I chose to head off for my usual morning of exercise. I find routine and keeping things normal helps when things outside of my control impact me.

Exercise certainly helps but I didn't know if I'd feel energised or deflate like a balloon. Fortunately I felt better and better, my headache dissipated, and my energy levels rose.

For most of the afternoon I attacked weeds in the garden. They love new soil. I chose not to have weed may. I wouldn't be able to nourish and build the soil up, and it's hard to make changes or add more plants. Until ground covers grow I'm stuck with weeds.

It was therapeutic and gentle. While many weeds remain I can see where I've been.

Somewhere in the mix I cleaned the bathroom. I couldn't work out what the early morning sun was reflecting off to create this on the wall.

I've appreciated the absence of sirens and helicopters hovering today. Since the mosque attacks there have a lot of both in Christchurch. Their absence makes me realise how stressful they are.

Today's gratitude: For a Prime Minister who is leading with the values of compassion and kindness.


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