There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Tiny Tiger Gets Ready to Go Backpacking

The snow pack is mostly gone now, in spite of a bunch of lines of snow squalls that hit us on this day. Inside, things were snug, and a lot was going on. With the increase in day length and the change in the clocks, there is light long into the evening now. You know what this all means: it's soon time for backpacking!

The week coming up looks like  a real peach, with some sunny and warmer days in mid-week. So my husband has announced his plans to go on the first backpack trip of the season, to the Quehanna Wild Area. He is inviting Alex the Alligator, Little Bear, and Tiny Tiger to go along. I myself can't go, of course; I have work stuff to do.

Alex and Little Bear always travel light; all they take along is their travel sacks. But Tiny Tiger wanted to be VERY prepared. So he began packing in the afternoon. The Crittergators helped oversee the preparations.

On the left is the super-size blue daysack, and there in the back is Tiny Tiger's yellow travel sack. His tiny bear friend has a matching sack, of course. And there's the raccoon. The Crittergators won't actually be going along because I won't; they live in a mint tin in my camera bag, and travel with me wherever I go.

We found a very small flashlight and determined that yes, it does indeed work. And a little Swiss army knife, just in case there are jaggers that need to be whacked, or perhaps even something worse!!! Careful there, fellas; it's sharper than it looks!

Do you remember that perilous backpack trip in the fall that Tiny Tiger went on without me? They brought back a genuine Quehanna rock, and Tiny Tiger is insistent that the rock must go along BACK to Quehanna now, I'm not sure why.

And there is the sign from last time as well: Tiny Tiger says "Finally!" So let's agree that perhaps it's finally time for backpacking. Soon, very, very soon!  Tiny Tiger wants to go back and do it right this time. Let's hope this journey won't be as perilous as the last one!

A song for getting ready: Jeff Beck and Rod Stewart, with People Get Ready.

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