Penn State Horses: Let's Hear It For the Boys!

I don't know what's come over me, but I think I've gone horse crazy. Except it's not regular size horses that do it. It's the LITTLE ones. The Penn State herd has been increased by six babies this spring, three males and three females.

I've been posting photos of the girls because I hadn't met the boys yet. But on this day, I showed up, and there they all were! So I've got a treat for you. In this blip, you get to meet all three boys.

Let's start with the youngest colt, who is pictured above. This is Penn State's first embryo transfer foal, so this little fella has TWO mommies. Born on March 13, he is a sorrel colt by Red White N Good out of Step Aside Boyz, carried by PSU She's Krymsun Too. (Just an aside: aren't these names fantastic?)

In the extras are two additional foals. The one family pair is very light colored. The other pair is very dark, with white stripes down their noses. The dun colt (the very pale one) is by PSU He Rox the Nite out of Cee Jackie Step. This baby was born on March 10.

The little guy in the darker colored pair in the extras, the bay with the white-stripe-nose, was our first colt born this year. He came into the world on March 9. This fella is out of Mychipsareonthetable, by One Hot Krymsun.

So now you've met almost all of our new horses this year. I think I may have missed one of the gals, but if I see her, I'll photograph her too. As I was standing around taking pictures, the little guys were very friendly. They all walked up to me to meet me, with their moms standing guard, of course. They eat, they drink, they caper and prance, they pee copiously! ;-)

Just a quick note on horse identification . . . in case you hadn't noticed, the horses don't wear name tags. So when I go to see them, I note their markings and characteristics, and then go look them up on the Penn State Quarter Horses Facebook page, where they have posted photos of the new babies. So that's how I found out each one's lineage and birth date, even though I'm no expert at horses.

Also a quick word about talking to horses. And again, I'm no expert. But here's what works for me. I sidle up to the fence, cooing and saying erudite things like, "Who's the cutie? Who's the cutie-pie? Now, who's the cutie? Yes, yes, who's the cutie-pie?" Works every time.

Two young women were mucking out the stables when I was there, and I spoke with them briefly. We agreed the little ones are awfully cute. So gangly, all legs. And very affectionate, too. I hope you enjoyed meeting all of our colts.

Oh yeah, and when I am whining in November and December about having no extra photos left, remind me that in the springtime, I blew them all . . . on HORSES.   ;-)

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And now the soundtrack: Deniece Williams, with Let's Hear It for the Boy, from the film Footloose.

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