By Kipsie

Desperate times ............

 ............... No I'm not talking Brexit.
Is this a back flip? I'm not sure .... I took it in February. Does it work, is it silly. Maybe not.  My brain is numb, an early start, 05:50 to bird song, not complaining, I much prefer birdsong to an alarm clock any day, but did'nt plan on rising from my bed quite so early. I really wanted to finish George & Jeans garden before I go swanning off to Cornwall on Monday, so a quick slice of toast & black coffee then off I went to Bovey Tracey. Plenty of avian activity out there too. A woodpecker tapping on the oak tree overhead, Canada geese flying over, Bobby robin following me in the hope of a tasty morsel. 5 hours later I finished. Jean was thrilled, George followed me around and parked up on the chairs positioned to catch the  sunshine of which there was none. Not today anyway. Started to drizzle about 30 minutes before I finished so was a bit soggy around the edges as I bid them goodbye.
Cider time now, then a rustled up chicken something .. It's what I believe they call a W.I.P

Ciao 4 now!

Thanks to admirer for hosting

P.S No teddy bears were hurt in the making of this photo

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