Kept an active eye on events in London for most of the day and was pleased to see that so many people turned out to let their voices be heard. Made some new contacts which isn’t a bad thing, including an ex-MP (SNP) whose name is very familiar to me and the approved Green candidate for Bristol Mayor.

Guy came over and asked us to look after the cat as he’s away for a bit. He’s semi retired now so off to visit family. Stroking the cat seems to be as important as feeding it in terms of this particular cat ( I hear it’s a shy and nervous one!). Guy’s coming over tomorrow to help removal of a big honeycomb we have in the loft. Guy has a wood nearby and keeps bees there so knows what he’s doing. One of the windows in the loft appears to be stuck shut with honey. The bees have been there 3 years plus but have now moved out. Very sad to hear, we assume the queen has died.

I made Delia Smith’s slow cook Spanish Tortilla with red pepper, shallots and plenty of olive oil for dinner tonight. I only let it cook about 50 mins but everyone loved it thank goodness/ served with fine green beans, beetroot, yellow tomatoes and mache (French lambs lettuce) very colourful as dishes go

This tree is the immediate view outside of my room and, despite staying here in March before, it is always hit and miss as to whether I see it in bloom. Today it was in perfect full bloom. I recall years ago coming here to study for my doctorate and rarely making it outside as I was so busy reading and writing- the view of this vibrant blossom always inspired me.

Easy day planned tomorrow with a bit of weeding and washing (hope the weather will be kind). It was 22degrees and sunny today so i changed colour a bit. I ended up having to put high factor in my face

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