Back of the net!

Sadly this one flew past the yellow peril and straight into the back of the net!

It was not looking good at one point as Cully went down 0-2 to Lympstone. We got one back in the last minute of the first half and finally won 3-2, which will have helped cheer them up after their mid week cup loss.

We have to play Lympstone again next week at their place - so we will see if they exact revenge!

Leo was very happy that I found him some yellow socks to match his top. He is as bad as me when it comes to insisting on colour coordination. When he got his new kit, the socks were kind of a fluorescent green/yellow and they clashed a bit with his top. He couldn’t cope with that (boy after my own heart) so we sneakily substituted them and felt much better for them.Perhaps they were lucky too!

Ian and Leo popped to the car sales as a special promotion was in and we are now picking up a new car on Friday. I opted to have a coffee whilst they sorted it all out as I just can’t get worked up about cars, so am no help when it comes to deliberations. I truly don’t care as long as the thing is reliable!

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